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    Spring Capsule Wardrobe

    I'm all about versatile pieces that you can dress up or down depending on the day. Here are my favorite picks to transition you into spring. A few easy...

    Blake Alfstad

    How to Be a Mompreneur

    This is my easy to read 5-step program on getting to the source of what really makes you tick and then figuring out how to bring home some bacon with it.

    I get asked how I started out and how I ended up here all the time. The answer is...

    Blake Alfstad

    Quick and Easy Hairstyling

    Ok guys! Here you have it, the long anticipated (ha) post about my hair. I've had numerous...

    Blake Alfstad

    About Blake + The Brand Story

    I'd like to start out this first ever blog post with a bit of a disclaimer. I’ve realized that we live in a world where bloggers and influencers are these really cool and untouchable people that we really look up to and admire. Role models I guess you could...

    Blake Alfstad