What is the Girl Gang?

Formerly known as the Tee of the Month Club. 

The Tee of the Month Club is a monthly subscription where limited-edition, seasonal designs are shipped to your doorstep on the first week of every month. 

How much does it cost?

Tee of the month items are around 20% less than our typical pricing.  

When am I charged?

You'll be charged every 30 days from the date you first sign up. You can cancel or modify this at any time. 

When do I receive my Items? 

We ship the Tee of the Month during the first full business week of every month. The cutoff date is the last day of each month, e.g. if you order mid-June you'll receive your first shipment in July. 

I missed the cutoff but I still want next month's tee? 

We typically have ready to ship versions available at full price, just email us to inquire!

Where do I sign up? 

Click here, or visit the Tee of the Month page on our website and select the subscription option on the product's page. 

 Can I use PayPal?

You can!

Do I have to purchase separately from the rest of my orders?

No, you can do all your shopping in one order including your subscription plan. 

Can I return or exchange my tee?

Sorry! Due to the seasonal design and discounted pricing we don't accept returns or exchanges. 

Can I skip a month? 

You can pause or cancel at any time, just email us and we'll send you your custom portal link. 

What if I forget to cancel?

We've all been there! Unfortunately do to our system we are unable to process refunds after cancellation. 

Can I add multiple tees to my subscription?

Yes, just adjust the quantity at checkout. We are working on a tiered discount option for multiple tees!

Are there tees unisex?

We are working on a unisex option! At this time they will be primarily for girls.