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    It all started three years ago with a tiny graphic tee hand printed for my three month old son and has blossomed from there. 

    My name is Blake Alfstad, founder and creator of Jean & June. I am proud to be the mother of my two children, who add joy and spontaneity to my everyday life. I am a lifelong artist with a background in painting and textile design. When I became a parent, I combined my passions to provide both a way of life for my family and a source of constant creative fulfillment.

    Jean & June was named after my two children and like them, the concept is playful by nature. Like any parent, I keep my own children in mind with every choice I make. For this reason, I custom design every style. Every product is responsibly made in Los Angeles out of ultra-soft organic cotton and hand-printed with baby-safe ink. Every piece is garment dyed for a pre-shrunk and soft vintage feel that will stay the same as the first wear, wash after wash.

    With the support from family, friends, and people like you, Jean & June has blossomed into something much more than I imagined. I hope you love everything that Jean & June has to offer.
    Happy Wearing!